Kasperk Castle

The well-preserved ruins of the gothic Kasperk castle tower on the rock spit above the Otava river, about 3 km south of the small town of Kasperske Hory. More info...

Vydra River Valley

The Vydra river is the headstream of the Otava river. The wild mountain river with a stony bed runs through a nice valley, which is protected in the reserve called Povydri (Vydra valley).

Kremelna River Canyon

From Srni to Cenkova Pila, upstream the canyon of the Kremelna river, back to Srni. 6 hours, 17 km. Guided tour on demand (with Mr Frantisek Halek).

Luzny Mountain

Lusen (Czech: Luzny) is a mountain in Bavaria (Germany) and in the Pilsen Region (Czech Republic). Its peak (1,373m) is less than 1,000 feet (300m) south of the Czech–German border. Streams forming on the north side become tributaries of the Vydra.

Boubin Mountain

Boubin mountain (1,362 m) is one the best known mountains of the Sumava mountains (Bohemian Forest) and of South Bohemia as well. Boubin and the nearby Bobik mountain (1,264 m) form a dominant feature of Sumava.

Cesky Krumlov
Unesco World Heritage site