Fishing rules and fisheries managed by the Czech Fishing Union
At this website you will find detailed fishing rules, descriptions, and maps of fisheries that we suggest you to fly fish in our area:
Otava 5-6-7-8A, included in West Bohemian salmonid permit
Volynka 1-2P, Vltava 33P-34P (Tepla Vltava), Vltava 27-28-29P (Vltava below Lipno lake), included in South Bohemian salmonid permit
Vltava 33 (Tepla Vltava), included in South Bohemian non-salmonid permit.
Please read carefully, some parts of the rivers have access and wading limitations.

Wading limitations

Vltava 27 - catch and release section in Rozmberk - wading is prohibited from 16th April until 20th May
Vltava 33-33P - wading is prohibited in April and May